Sunday, March 27, 2005

it's as simple as this....

I found this quote, written as a short (to date, unpublished) editorial letter by a very dear friend of mine, simple, concise and dead on point:

As a citizen and as a physician, I am quite concerned about the risk that the selection of our future Supreme Court justices has become politicized. Justices are now being chosen based on whether or not they conform to the extreme religious bias that has gripped our current administration, rather than for their ability to interpret the US Constitution.

The result of this tainted judicial selection process is interference of government in the private lives of citizens. I cite examples such as a woman's right to choose abortion, Terri Shchiavo's right to die, and a homosexual person's right to spousal standing with a same sex partner.

In many countries, religion and government are synonomous. The US Constitution is based on the division of church and state. Supreme Court justices should be chosen based on their ability to recognize the difference.

Don't you just love the hypocrisy of the Right's totally self-serving and fickle position on "individual rights"? Don't even get me started on federalism...that'll have to wait.


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