Sunday, March 27, 2005

money and politics

"...Citizens to Save California to 'enlarge our effort' in assisting Schwarzenegger."

Viagra? Steroids? what is it the Gubernator needs enlarging, and how will it be done? As further indication that money does indeed purchase influence, politicians and, it seems, morality and values, the Gubernator can now raise unlimited funds through "initiative committees" to pursue massive PR blitzes in favor of his agenda. He seems clearly to admit that he's unwilling to engage in the democratic process and face the admittedly democratic legislature to argue his platform.

While the 527's gave progressive causes a boost in the last election, it's clearly just another method by which money and focused interest groups can control politics, usually to the detriment of the majority. This is simply the state version, in a state that already decided that it didn't trust its elected officials and governs by initiative and referendum.

Taken together, these spell a dark day for social justice and a fair society.


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