Saturday, March 19, 2005

We're worried about a theocracy in Iraq????

Hendrick Hertzberg quotes Antonin Scalia in the March 14th print issue of the New Yorker:
it [is] a "fact" that "government derives its authority from God."

This is in addition to Scalia's "angry denunciation of his brother and sister Justices for removing the United States from the short list of countries (the others include Iran and China) in which the execution of minors is legally sanctioned."

Scalia is Bush's judicial idol. Who are we kidding?


Blogger DP said...

Yglesias Puts it well:

"Even if many -- or most people -- think the authority of the state is in some sense underwritten by religion, a pluralistic society needs some conception of authority by which we can all understand the cop as neither of those things, but rather as a sworn legal officer of a duly constituted, legitimate, liberal democratic state."

Antonin Scalia: making the U.S. look more like Iran every day

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