Monday, June 20, 2005

Do You Feel A Draft?

George Orwell was right. In order to consolidate power and oppress the people, one must control the language of the war. Why are we attacking Iraq? Because they won't let inspectors in? Because they aren't complying with U.N. regulations? Becuase they have WMD's? For regime change? For freedom and democracy?

And no one seems to notice the moving target. All the sheeple on Animal Farm play right along, and regurgitate whatever the Neo-cons' talking points are this week - their memory as maleable as silly putty.

The latest game of stealth semantics swapping is taking place regarding the length of the U.S.'s commitment in Iraq. Before the war began, anti-war advocates warned of the financial and human costs a lengthy occupation would incur. They called it a "quagmire" which would likely bog down our military for years and years. These people were attacked viciously, and told their Vietnam comparisons were ridiculous. Rumsfeld and his buddies suggested the operation would be a quick, shock-and-awe victory, and we'd be out quick and easy. Well, the language is changing...

Condoleeza Rice was recently on Fox News Sunday, and was asked if the Bush administration fairly [can] be criticized for failing to level with the American people about how long and difficult this commitment will be?�

Rice responded: "The administration, I think, has said to the American people that it is a generational commitment to Iraq." (see the video here:

A GENERATIONAL committment?! That's not what they sold us! Do you feel that draft? They've already instituted a stealth draft by lengthening tours of duty. When the mandatory draft comes, it certainly won't be called a "draft." Look for something along the lines of "Patriotic Freedom Fighter Opportunity."


Blogger DP said...

I doubt there will be a draft, not anytime soon anyway. Look at Bush's rhetoric; anytime he is asked about this he just keeps saying "all-volunteer army" over and over again. Why? Because it is much easier to send an all-volunteer army into an illegal, poorly planned war. If there had been a draft two years ago there would be no war right now.

As for Rice, she is turning out to be one of the biggest liars in the whole administration. When asked by Tim Russert before the war if we would need several hundred thousand troops for several years, Dick Cheney replied that was an overstatement. That doesn't sound like a "generational commitment" to me.

Fucking liars, all of them.

4:59 PM  
Blogger John Howard said...

They're going to have an unusual problem when they do bring back the draft and a lot of people suddenly come out of the closet. At least they'll probably finally get rid of don't ask don't tell at that point.

10:37 PM  

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