Sunday, June 26, 2005

What is the Supreme Court Doing?!

I am baffled by what the Supreme Court did last week. Apparently, they OK'd the use by local governments of eminent domain to take land from private entities for PRIVATE use. This tool has been used forever for PUBLIC-use projects, such as building roads. But, now they're saying that the local city counci may seize people's homes and businesses, even against their will, for PRIVATE economic development.

So, basically, local governments can bulldoze a few houses in a prime "retail" strip because Wal-mart's consultants show the location would provide the most foot traffic. Doesn't this just open up our system for total fraud and corruption? I mean I can hear the bribes to the local city council people by the big corporations being put in envelopes now!

So, in my disgust, I assume this decision is the work of Scalia and the other conservative judges, but to my dismay, it's the LIBERAL judges that led this decision! I can't believe it! I thought we were the party of the little guy? Someone explain this to me, please!

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