Thursday, March 17, 2005


Democrats can do things that need to be resisted as well. Here is MN DFL State Senator Sandy Pappas talking about her proposed legislation to make it illegal for kids to buy adult-rated video games (not illegal for stores to sell them, but for kids to buy them:
Who says children have First Amendment rights?

I guess she's right, after all we all know that children are to be seen and not heard, right? I mean who says children have any rights at all? They are property of their parents and, failing that, the state I guess (Hat tip: MN Politics Guru)


UPDATE: Who says children have first ammendment rights? Apparently the United States Supreme Court, which held in Erznoznik v. Jacksonville in 1975 that:

Speech that is neither obscene as to youths nor subject to some other legitimate proscription cannot be suppressed solely to protect the young from ideas or images that a legislative body thinks unsuitable for them. In most circumstances, the values protected by the First Amendment are no less applicable when government seeks to control the flow of information to minors.

So, not to trample on your first ammendment rights Senator Pappas, but I think you need to shut up unless you know what you are talking about.


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