Friday, April 01, 2005


Senator Coleman,

I am writing to express my strong opposition to the GOP plan to make judicial nominations immune to the filibuster. I believe such a move would be an assault upon the principles of the Senate and one that the Republican Party will eventually come to regret. I would like to remind you that Mr. Bush had 219 of his 229 judicial nominees approved by the Senate, the most for any first term president if I am not mistaken. For him to re-nominate the 10 that were rejected is nothing more than all-out partisan warfare and simple pandering to the religious right which, as we have recently seen, has no problem trampling on the constitution when it suits their purposes. I will also remind you that during president Clinton's presidency he had numerous judicial nominations blocked by the Republicans who were in the minority using a variety of procedural rules, rules which the GOP have systematically dismantled since becoming the majority. Thus the idea that the blocking of the most controversial nominees is "unprecedented" is false and dishonest.

Senator, Mr. Bush claims to be a uniter, but is actions belie his rhetoric. His absolute refusal to compromise despite having the vast majority of his nominees approved is serving to increase division in this country, solely so Mr. Bush can pander to his political base. If the Senate takes this step it will be a declaration of all-out partisan war, and if you support it you will be complicit in the further polarization of this country. I implore you to take a long look and think about what the people of Minnesota, mostly moderates who want government to work and have a strong distaste for the partisan bitterness of Washington, would want you to do in this situation. Will you stand up for civility and compromise or will you help to inflame the political divisions in our country?

The choice is yours Senator, it will only take a few Republicans to stand up for what is right, I certainly hope you will.


Blogger Liberal Politico said...

Another letter that should go to the esteemed Senator is asking him for a repeat of his righteous "leadership" as seen in his calls for Annan's resignation, and turn his investigative skills toward our own Administration. (See his defense in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, April 4). The similarities are striking, to say the least.

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Blogger Fresc~ said...

Damnit, I didn't know you had a new blog!

I'll catch up! Glad you are back online!


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