Thursday, April 14, 2005


Be sure to check out this Atrios post on the statements of Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D-CA) regarding the bankruptcy bill. This is a horrendous peice of legislation that will make it hareder for people who are devastaed financially by medical illness (which is the cause of approximately half of all bankruptcy filings) to use bankruptcy to get relief from consumer debt. This is a giveaway to credit card companies and banks who have stongly lobbied for the bill. Apprently, despite steadily increasing profits over the last 5 years, and unable to control themselves from giving credit to anyone, these companies need to make sure that consumers are as screwed as they can possibly be. But I digress. Rep. Tauscher is chair of the New Democrat Coaltion, be sure to check out their website

I am not exactly sure who these 'New Deomcrats' are, but right now I don't like them very much.

P.S. You can read a previous rant I posted on this subject here.


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